Youtube Post-match comments (Real Madrid – Athletic)

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  1. What happens to his face at 0:34 seconds it seems to go blurry ? People have suggest here on youtube that these people are shape shifters . Im really not sure what they are to be honest but gees I hope not Im a big fan myself .

  2. @RedvsBlueshow Man Utd is mighty team. we will see how next season goes and to my likes I hope CHELSEA takes it all or makes another double, No of-fence. I see that you know what you are talking about and more power to you. Later kid….

  3. @RedvsBlueshow Yes seasons to come Chelsea will dominate the Barclay's and soon enough Manchester city will top man utd. 35 yrs is correct but now they have the money . Yeah it disappointing when Los Blancos come empty handed at the end of the season, but then again so did Man utd. It will change when Jose Mourinho takes over. Will you be watching England vs Mexico in person?

  4. @RedvsBlueshow I hope you watch today England vs Mexico. It is going to be a great game to watch but you probably watch it in person. It's either going to be a draw or Mexico will top England. Now are you going to tell me I can't cheer for my Home Land? get the fuck outta here!!

  5. @RedvsBlueshow Oh no the kid has a soft spot for Man Utd. Chelsea, Real Madrid, & Barcelona are the best teams in the world. Man Utd history is over, CHELSEA will take more trophy's these coming years and with all these better teams they play attractive Football. What Man Utd only have is Mr. Ferguson who has been there for decade. Either way even Manchester City will top United soon enough because they will too buy their Glory. Your just lucky to be born in England, where they love FOOTBALL!

  6. @RedvsBlueshow I don't understand why you are viewing this video, it has to do with Real Madrid not MAN UTD. Do you know why Cristiano Ronaldo left Man Utd? because he simply wanted to move to a better FOOTBALL CLUB. Now Jose Mourinho is coming to the Bernabeu and Man Utd will not have a chance. To be honest Chelsea is the best team in England and they wil claim the FA Cup and the league next seasons to come. In Fact Man Utd is getting a Mexican player and might do you guys good cuz ronie sucks!

  7. @RedvsBlueshow Okay "mr. I gotta have the last word", I believe you have controlling issues and I think you must tell someone that cares about you, so they could put you in a mental hospital because you need help. You are a Man utd fan and bet it feels great watching them up close at your hometown. Stretford has been the home of Manchester United Football Club since your great, great grandfather.

  8. @RedvsBlueshow WOW! You just can't stop can you? Sorry I don't like watching Boring MLS, only Barclay's, La Liga, Champions League and some Bundesliga, italia seria A. What is your name kid? Don't you enjoy futbol or football? Who is your team, Chelsea, Man Utd? Do yourself a favor and google Hugo Sanchez and stop with nonsense. Grow up or maybe one day you will and realize, how stupid you sound.

  9. @RedvsBlueshow Sánchez retired from Spanish football on May 29, 1997, playing with Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium the stadium that witnessed most of his glory throughout his career. His last official game was in the 1998 World Cup preliminaries where he just touched the ball as a symbol of his retirement. Kid you are truly pathetic, I have no idea why you keep arguing. You hate the fact that I LOVE REAL MADRID!!

  10. @RedvsBlueshow No buddy, I said before I was 7, and yes I'am 23yrs old. He retired as a Madridista in 1997. See I stared watching him in Mexico long ago. My uncle was the one who introducing me to Real Madrid!!

  11. @RedvsBlueshow How old are you? You must be young, you are arguing the fact that "I'm not a Madrid fan" Who the hell are you to tell people, who is and who's not a fan? I've been a Madrid fan before I was 7, I think it was when Hugo Sanchez was at his best when playing for Real Madrid. My dream is to one day watch EL Clasico in Santiago Bernabeu, hopefully soon. Kid I can't tell you any different but Futbol runs in my veins..

  12. @RedvsBlueshow
    So because I live in the states gives you the reason to say I'm not a Madradista? lol i know more about Madrid then you know about your Girlfriend and I will say proudly that I'm no AMERICAN'T!! HALA MADRID!!

  13. @Xelaju16
    Yes, CR9 on the left Benzema in the middle and Higauin on the right. I was happy when he scored last Saturday against Athletic Bilbao.HALA MADRID!

  14. he had a rotten season at real,his true place is at Man U,he'll be more free there.Higuain was more effective than him but I still think his worth is much more than just 8 goals.atleast he is much more mobile than berbafuckin'tov

  15. he only got 8 goals cause he didn't have much playing time. i think he shouldve been given the chance to play more. but at the same time I think CR9 and Higuain are WAAAAYYY better than him.

  16. real needs a leader, mature and experienced player in the defence someone who could organize them very well. Someone like Lucio.

    Benzema is going to do well next season and all the other players but I don't think Real needs to change coaches. They have done that for the past four years and it has only been failure because none of the coaches got a chance to adapt and have a good relationship with their players even Murinho took his time to win cups. It is still too early to change coach