Video Real Madrid begin training at UCLA

Real Madrid completed the first training session at UCLA’s facilities and began preparations for Friday’s match against Los Angeles Galaxy in Phoenix, which …

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  1. Gonzalo missed a lot of chances last season, so I think it was a good decision to let him go. Alonso is a class player, and Arbeloa…..just let him go already Real…

  2. Sure, but I don't think they should sign him with an offer that is over 80 million pounds. If Spurs is going to be an ass about it, I think Real would be better off signing Suarez.

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  4. Bale said HE WANTS to play for Real, if tottenham doesnt let go of bale they are passing up on 60 million dollars and when bale's contract runs out he will just sign with real and never go back to tottenham

  5. I think madrid has made many mistakes they have let go many players that are good but keep players like alonso and arbeloa they are old we need younger players why they let go gonzalo..

  6. please dont sign bale totenham is still trophyless and bale do nothing in international football , 80 million-100 million is a price only for messi and ronaldo , please dont make yourself stupid perez .