Ver The Story Behind the 2011 Copa del Rey Success – Part 1

Real Madrid won the Copa del Rey title on 20 April by defeating Barcelona in a thrilling 120-minute final. Realmadrid TV produced the documentary The Story …

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  1. @romariosuwandy94
    nobody says that but CR himselfe said that:
    " people hate me because Im great, im good looking and rich" >> by CR7

    which idiot gonna say this if he is not arrogant!!

  2. copa del rey is not important, its only a good title when you win one or both big titles(cl and la liga), so that you can say you won the treble or the double like barca did in the past 2 years…but the fact that madrid celebrate a little title like copa del rey so much, shows how far madrid has fallen, they arent as big as they were in the past, and the probably never will be, barca is waaaay better

  3. One of the greatest teams in the world and this documentary was a great thing! Madrid should have won the champions league also but there is the 2011/2012 season which will be Madrid's season!
    Hala Madrid!! 😀

  4. @PK2323 At least they show us what they do before big matches so everyone can see that Real Madrid don't talk with refs or something and I was really interested personally to see this. Hala Madrid too bad your a hater and didn't enjoy the video like we did.

  5. So funny, madrid presenting a 20+ minute video about one minor success. If Barca wanted to do that, they would have to hire a full-blown team of directors and producers just to manage all the available material.