Ver Real Madrid-FC Barcelona: Mourinho’s press conference before the game

“The best possible result against Barcelona is to win the tie. The team that’s eliminated from the Copa del Rey will play two less games in February and we …

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  1. @JohnTorquato Unlike you i dont fuck myself..sorry to dissapoint you..maybe you can do that for me ? Well its going to be a long time for Real to get the better of Barca..why font you hibernate in North Pole and we will let you know when Real beat Barca ?

  2. Perez made Real Madrid Mourinho's BITCH !! Now Mourinho and Pepe has SOILED the reputation of Real Madrid beyond repair !! Real Madrid will NEVER regain their good reputation..thanks to these two Dirty Portugese..May God Bless them and keep doing the good job till they make Real Madrid a laughing stock of the world…

    Mourinho and Pepe…we Barca fans are rooting for you to keep on DESTROYING Real Madrid reputation

  3. I don't know why you all talk like that, real Madrid play absolutely nothing pepe is a donkey, Xavi is a animal they were trying to kill Messi. Real Madrid should be a shame to what they did to Barca players…long life Barcelona, long life real soccer.

  4. Why are all this Barcelona fans here talking shit, first the tie is not over and second last time I checked we 5 points ahead in la liga

  5. All i gotta say is Cristiano congratz u scored but ummm why stop playin after tht? wtf why didnt mourinho change cristiano cuz he sure wasnt doing shit after he scored and if somethin was wrong with his leg MOURIN change him omg. Altintop was playinn reallly goood. Real Madrid needs to attack more and they couldnt cuz Cristiano was only playin for 30 mins

  6. The result is not over yet. But its the same thing over again. Madrid are as shit as ever, one chance in the entire game, they took it – well done. Barca are awful, but slowly they are getting into the game, they get the equalizer, and eventually they dominate while madrid defend for the rest of the game. Disappointing.